Fee Schedule

Effective November 1, 2016

Service Fee
Stop Payment (personal checks) $20.00
Stop Payment (bank items) $20.00
Certified Checks $10.00
Returns (NSF) $30.00
Returns (uncollected) $25.00
Deposit Returns $10.00
Levies/Liens $100.00
Collections (domestic) $10.00
Collections (international) $30.00
Outgoing Wires (domestic) $20.00
Outgoing Wires (international) $30.00
Account Research (per hour) $20.00
Photocopy of Statement or Check $5.00
Photocopy (general) $5.00
Statement Reconciliation (per hour) $20.00
Bond Coupon Return $10.00
Official Bank Letter $5.00
Replace ATM Card $5.00
Drill Safe Deposit Box $150.00
Replace Deposit Box Key $20.00
Money Orders (customer) $4.00
Bank Check to Third Party $4.00
Replace Night Drop Bag $35.00
Replace Night Drop Key $5.00
Excessive Transfer Fee
(exceeding 6 transfers during cycle/month for Statement Savings and Money Market accounts)
Check Printing Prices will vary
Overdraft Protection $10.00

For information on maintenance and related fees that apply to specific accounts, please refer to your account disclosure, provided to you when you opened the account.