Fee Schedule

Effective November 1, 2018

Service Fee
Stop Payment (personal checks) $20.00
Stop Payment (bank items) $20.00
Certified Checks $10.00
Insufficient Funds Charge $30.00
Returns (uncollected) $25.00
Returned Check Charge $10.00
Levies/Liens $100.00
Collections (Domestic) $10.00
Collections (International) $30.00
Wire Out Fee (Domestic) $20.00
Wire Out Fee (International) $30.00
Account Research (per hour) $20.00
Photocopy of Statement or Check $5.00
Photocopy (general) $5.00
Statement Reconciliation (per hour) $20.00
Bond Coupon Return $10.00
Official Bank Letter $5.00
Replace ATM Card $5.00
Drill Safe Deposit Box $150.00
Replace Deposit Box Key $20.00
Money Orders (customer) $4.00
Bank Check to Third Party $4.00
Replace Night Drop Bag $35.00
Replace Night Drop Key $5.00
Excessive Transfer Fee
(exceeding 6 transfers during statement cycle for Statement Savings and Money Market accounts)
Check Printing Prices will vary
OD Tran Fee
(Overdraft Protection Transfer)

For information on maintenance and related fees that apply to specific accounts, please refer to your account disclosure, provided to you when you opened the account.