Annuities are retirement products that can offer a steady income stream. There are various types of annuities to meet your budget, retirement needs and appetite for risk.

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Fixed Annuities

A low-risk and hassle-free retirement option

Fixed annuities may be a good alternative to a certificate of deposit. They are available in terms of 3 to 5 years and offer:

  • Single Premium – one up-front payment per plan
  • Guaranteed Rate – for the term of the policy

Indexed Annuities

Take advantage of market upswings without exposure to the downside of the market

This type of tax-deferred annuity offers a person the ability to take advantage of financial market highs, while protecting them from the lows and volatility. Each indexed annuity is tied to a market index, such as the S&P 500.  

You may reallocate the funds in an indexed annuity annually and it is also possible to split the allocation between fixed and indexed buckets. Each year, at the anniversary date of an indexed annuity contract, the interest earned is automatically rolled into the principal, thereby protecting it with the principal guarantee.

Indexed annuities have the potential to earn more interest than a traditional CD or IRA, without the downside of potential loss when investing in the financial markets and mutual funds. Some index annuities also offer an upfront bonus as a percentage of premium invested.

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