Using Online Bill Pay

April 24, 2020

Thinking about using Online Banking to pay bills, but unsure of how Bill Pay works? We’ve created a brief walk-through video to help you become comfortable using the service.

Watch the video walk-through

After signing up for the Bill Pay service, your first step will be setting up payees in the My Bills & People I Pay screen. Bill Pay includes a list of common payees, such as major credit card providers, mortgage companies and banks, telephone and utility companies, etc. 

If you don’t see your payee in the list, you can enter the payee name, account details, and billing address to create a new payee account. You can pay individuals as well as companies. Once the payment and payment date have been entered, the payment will be automatically sent to the payee. 

An eBill is an electronic version of a paper bill. An eBill may be available for some payees. Click Get eBill next to a payee name (if available) and complete the short form to begin receiving eBills for that payee.

You can set up payment reminder for payees; a 10-day countdown to the due date will be listed next to the payee’s name when you log in. It’s also possible to set up recurring automatic payments for your payees.

Bill Pay is also available in Mobile Banking*. Please contact our Call Center at 732.388.1800 during business hours if you have specific questions related to Online Bill Pay or if you need assistance setting it up in your Online Banking account. We’re here to help!

*Some Bill Pay features are not available in Mobile Banking. Cellular data rates may apply to Mobile Banking.