A Business Built on Relationships

February 9, 2019

RSI Bank is proud to have strong relationships with numerous established local businesses. Quality Auto Body is located at 811 New Brunswick Avenue in Rahway, New Jersey. Quality Auto Body feels synergy with RSI Bank because RSI provides excellent customer service. In their own words, “We love the personal service we get every time we call or visit one of the four local branches. The employees are friendly and attentive to our entire staff.”

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Have A Heart Food Drive

February 22, 2019

RSI Bank recently made a donation of $2,140 to the “Have-A-Heart” Food Drive Challenge, organized by the Township of Woodbridge. The food drive asks local businesses to pledge donations of 214 pounds of canned or boxed food, or $214, to help feed less fortunate families in Woodbridge.

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5 Steps to Take Today to Prepare for Home Ownership

February 27, 2019

Educating yourself in the homebuying process is a smart way to prepare for home ownership. It includes becoming familiar with certain ratios and terms used by mortgage lenders to determine buyers’ ability to repay debt. It may also help you protect against predatory lending practices that take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Here are five tips to help you prepare yourself today.

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