Public Services Donation

March 28, 2019

RSI Bank recently made donations to the Rahway Fire Department, Police Department, and Emergency Squad to support these important public services. A donation to the Rahway Police Department was made to support their efforts to increase safety in the community. The donation will be used for the enhancement of rescue equipment for emergencies.

After many municipalities, including Rahway, suffered severe flooding caused by tropical storm Irene in 2011, the Rahway Police Department developed a comprehensive emergency response plan that included acquiring all the necessary equipment and training needed to better respond to future emergencies. 

This new plan was then tested during superstorm Sandy and passed with flying colors, as newly purchased vehicles and inflatable boats were employed in a successful rescue mission that resulted in no injuries to officers or residents.

The charitable donation to the Rahway Emergency Squad will be used to purchase additional state-of-the-art emergency response equipment enhancing the Squad’s ability to serve the community.
The Rahway Emergency Squad has been providing professional emergency care to the citizens of Rahway since 1951.  The Squad has been recognized not just for outstanding emergency medical services, but also for its active role in the community. 

The donation to the Fire Department will enable the Department to make stationhouse improvements aimed at improving efficiency and training.

RSI Bank is a proud supporter of Rahway's Fire, Police, and Emergency Squad, for their dedicated service to our community.

Picture below: Rachael Faillace, RSI Bank Corporate Secretary and VP of Marketing, presents a check for $5,000 to the Rahway Fire Department.

A bank representative stands next to 7 firemen in front of a fire truck. The firemen are holding a check for $5,000.