ACH Positive Pay and Check Positive Pay

October 22, 2021

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RSI Bank’s Business Online Banking platform provides business owners with a way to help safeguard their finances against fraud.

This Online Fraud Mitigation Service offers ACH Positive Pay and Check Positive Pay.

Once your business is enrolled in Business Online Banking, you can choose to ‘opt-in’ to either ACH Positive Pay, Check Positive Pay, or both. It is also possible to sign up at a later time.

ACH Positive Pay and Check Positive Pay help mitigate the risk of fraudulent transactions by allowing you to establish parameters and alerts around your business account transactions.


ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay is an electronic service for financial transactions. ACH, or Automated Clearing House, transactions include direct deposit, payroll, and vendor payments. Examples of ACH direct debit transfers include consumer payments on insurance premiums, mortgage loans, and other kinds of bills.

ACH Positive Pay is relatively simple to set up and offers your business peace of mind knowing that you can monitor and review ACH activity, and either accept or reject items before they post to your accounts.

By establishing personalized filters, called ‘rules’, businesses can set limits on ACH transactions. Once these parameters are set, ACH Positive Pay will send email notifications when there is any ACH activity above the threshold, and the need for your review and approval or denial of a transaction.

There are windows of time allotted to complete the request. If a notice is posted at 6am, as the business owner you will have until 11am on the same day before the pre-established automated settings activate.

Check Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay is an automated cash-management service offered by RSI Bank to help deter check fraud. Banks use services like Check Positive Pay to match the checks a company issues with those it presents for payment. Any check considered suspect is sent back to the issuer for examination.

Check Positive Pay has more parameters than ACH Positive Pay for managing check payments. This service allows users to enter check details into the check register individually or by importing a Microsoft Excel file to the platform with the details for multiple checks. An associated check image is available for easy review.

Through Check Positive Pay, one can:

  • Manage Issued Checks
  • Upload Issued Checks
  • View Check Register
  • Manage Check Exceptions
Exceptions are based upon:
  • Amount mismatch – Cleared check amount does not match check issue amount.
  • Check entry not found – Check issue data is missing based upon check number matching.
  • Duplicate – Check number is a duplicate of one that has already processed.
  • Void Check – Checks issued in error and marked as void

This service is targeted to small to mid-sized business owners but is not restricted to this scale of business. It is also a service provided 100% free of charge for RSI Bank customers.

 If you have any questions, and especially if you suspect fraud, please contact the Bank immediately for assistance.

Brian Dwelle and Crissy Monsorno are available to support RSI Bank business banking customers via phone or email, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

The information provided in this article is meant for educational purposes only and is not advice. Please speak with a Business Development Officer or Customer Service Representative for specific details on RSI Bank's programs and account services.